AVG free download: how does AVG antivirus hold up?

AVG free download: how does AVG antivirus hold up?

Posted 07.13.2012 in News by Christopher

Through all of the companies publishing antivirus software, AVG antivirus software has set itself apart with its experience, producing antivirus software for more than two decades. Yet even with over 20 years in the antivirus software game, how does the AVG Free Edition compare to its competitors?

AVG Antivirus, advertising itself as the original free virus protection, runs on Windows computers for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. It also has a mobile version called AVG Mobilation™ . The free version offers protection against viruses and spyware as well as 24/7 free phone support.

AVG’s newest version has a fast download time of about five minutes. The interface is pretty simple to use, with a “Fix” button, “Update” button, and a “Scan Now” button on the screen.

AVG also blocks the fake antivirus software threat, which installs on your computer until you pay for their license, as well as ransomware. There is also a LinkScanner tool which has been updated to try to match the speedy mutations of code threats in security, and an AVG Accelerator available for premium users. AVG also has a monitoring tool that pops up to tell you when your Internet browser is consuming too much memory. AVG has a built in resource manager to make the scans slower when the computer is running so it doesn’t interfere with other tasks, and to run faster when the computer is idle. AVG also comes with a toolbar with safe search and other security options.

Tests have shown AVG makes computer start-up time a bit slower than average, thought shutdown is not affected too badly and the scheduled scans are relatively fast.

AVG does not block as much antivirus as other software does, blocking only 96% in some tests run by AV-Comparative.

CNET has stated that the AVG Free Edition has come a long way, but there are still serious competitors for AVG out there. PCMag strongly recommend AVG Antivirus 2012, giving it the Editors’ Choice for free antivirus. AVG is a solid choice for antivirus protection, though its performance may be a little clunkier than other antivirus freeware available.

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